Thursday, September 18, 2003

Long overdue update

Its been a while since we've updated anything. The main reason is that I've started school at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County and between 40 hours of work, a full time school schedule, and a seven month old boy, I don't have a whole lot of spare time. But at least we have a lot of good stuff to post! The only reason I have time now to do any of this is because hurricane Isabel is blowing overhead and we only had a half day of work and school got cancelled -Hurray for mother nature!

I found a great Russian grocery store from a Russian that I worked with for a little while. All you missionary friends will appreciate this. Russian food

Here are some cool pictures i took of the moon from our from yard.

We have a weekend project of stripping an old dresser that Jim made. We've had fun doing it, but the past few weekends have been rained out so we haven't been able to complete the work yet. We plan on refinishing it and redecorating our room whenever we get enough time and money. Here are the pictures.

Here's a nice little trip that we took down to Old Ellicott City. Its a nice little historic part of Ellicott City that's nice to stroll through and do some antique shopping. Old Ellicott City pictures

We sent up another fish tank in Logan's room. This time he's actually old enough to acknowledge the fish, and he really enjoys watching them. Unfortunately these pictures were taken before i added in the fish, so I'll have to take some new pictures sometime.

And here's the cute little Logan (or big since the last time you may have seen him) eating, playing, and bathing - probably his 3 favorite things. He now has an ice cream addiction (thanks Grandpa) that is hilarious to watch. He started crawling about a month ago and now he goes everywhere. He recently discovered the stairs and found out that he can actually climb them (but can't get down). So now we have to be REALLY careful to watch where he is going.