Thursday, July 8, 2004

Scuba Diving

I finally took Dad up to Delta, Pennsylvania to go scuba diving. This is the same quarry that I went to for my scuba certification through school. The weather was perfect- sunny and cool. Hardly anyone was there to muck up the water so we had decent visibility. I bought a cheap-o underwater camera from wallmart that I could use in the shallow water. The camera didn't take good pictures though and we only got a few to print clearly. We ventured off to some places in the quarry where I'd never been. We decided to swim down a line tied to a buoy and see where it took us. As we descended past 40 feet (which was the deepest we'd gone yet) and still couldn't see the bottom, we started wondering just how deep we were going to go. When our depth gauges reached 60 feet we began to worry a bit. By then it was VERY cold and VERY dark. We gave each other a look as if to say "Do we want to go down any further?". I then shone my flashlight down the rope and finally saw where it tied off to something on the bottom. When we got down our gauges read 70 feet. It was so dark we could hardly see each other and we were right next to each other. I couldn't even tell what the rope was tied to, I think it was the bow of a boat but I wasn't going to swim around to find out. After we fuddled around for a minute trying to balance ourselves and checking our gauges the water began to turn pitch black with all the mud we were kicking up and I gave the signal to start to ascend, which dad was happy to see. After getting out we asked my scuba instructor how cold the water gets down there. He said it stays around 42 degrees, which is why we felt the cold pierce our wetsuits so much. 70 feet out in the ocean is a piece of cake, but in this quarry it's about as deep as I want to go (one place goes down to 102 feet - NO WAY!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Home Alone (not really)

Tiffany and Logan have left me for a whole month! They flew back to Washington State to make sure Logan knew who his other grandparents were. They'll be back August 19th and they're bringing everyone with them! Tiffany's family will be out here for a few days to see their son Trevor get married in the Washington DC temple. We're so excited that they're finally going to get to visit us here! We're already planning the fishing trips!

Sunday, July 4, 2004

July 4th 2004

We were able to get onto the Bolling Air Force Base in Washington DC through Mom's work. The rain held off and the crowd was small on the base. Bolling Air Force Base is where the President's Marine One helicopters (we saw 3 of them in the hanger) are stationed and we got to watch them fly their drills right over us!