Saturday, April 30, 2005


I went fishing again this weekend with our buddy Rich. The day was mostly cloudy with an hour of light rain thrown in, but the fishing couldn't have been better! I was able to convince one of my school friends, Regina, to brave the weather and I'm sure she's glad she did. We left the dock at 7 am and caught our limit of fish (1 per person) by noon, and were back at the docks by 1 o'clock. The average size of fish was 36", with one mammoth 44 incher that weighed 40 lbs. It was a great trip.

Here's a report of the day from Rich's web site

"Fishing Report 4/30/05 Another fantastic April day on the Bay. We had our limit of 6 nice fish by 11am, and we also released a 30" fish that bit as we were bringing in the lines. Quay reclaimed the title of SeaBird Master Angler by hauling in a 44" beauty. And when I say hauling in, I mean hauling in, because the reel exploded in his hands before the fish got to the boat. We had to finish the battle in hand-to-fin combat. A really nice grade of fish today, with all but one of the keepers being over 36". Even the smaller 34" fish was fat and feisty. This has been the best April fishing season I've ever seen. I hope they stick around for a while longer! "

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Anatoli Karpov

Anatoli Karpov was the World Chess Champion from 1975 to 1985. He gained the title from Bobby Fisher in 1975 after Fisher refused to defend the world title. He held the title until 1985, when he was defeated by Gary Kasparov. My school (UMBC) won the national championships in chess last year (our only real claim to fame... OK, if you call that fame) and has always ranked highly in national championships in years past. As a result, we often get world class chess players who visit our school. Karpov came by for a couple of days to tutor our chess team, give public lectures, and play some games with the public. I don't play chess that much anymore (I did when I was younger), but it was still a very neat experience.