Monday, October 31, 2005


No big suprise that Logan dressed up as a kitty this halloween. I think the spirit of our late Hobbes has taken over Logan's body, he sometimes meows in his sleep and asks us to pet him! The costume was made by Tiffany's mom from when Tiffany was little, she and several siblings wore it so it's quite old but still in great condition. Logan was a little hesitant about putting on face makeup for whiskers and a nose, so Tiffany said she'd paint Daddy's and Mommy's face to make him more comfortable with it. I protested and put up a good fight, but in the end, I was defeated. Here's pictures of us crazies.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Scuba Diving

I had the chance to go scuba diving in the Atlantic off the coast of Ocean City, MD. The day started VERY early at 2:20 am when I had to wake up to meet up with the rest of the diving crew, we then had to drive three hours to get to Ocean city. Luckily the day was beautifully calm, with only a slight cool breeze, no waves, and clear skies overhead. This all meant... no sea sickness! Yea!!! (If you remember, the last time I went diving on the ocean I spent most of the time tossin' my cookies.)

The original plan was to dive on a wreck called the China Wreck. It is a unknown boat that wrecked sometime in the 1800s and was carrying a large load of British china. Its only under 40' of water so it allows for divers to spend a long time on the bottom. Because of the high possibility of finding china, it is a very popular dive location. Most of the china on the surface has been salvaged already, but we were planning on dredging out the sand on the wreck and finding china buried underneath. When we got to the wreck site the current was way too strong and would've swept us away from our boat, so we had to can the dive. Bummer!

Instead we went to another wreck, the Manhattan. The Manhattan didn't have anything cool to salvage off it, but at least we got to dive. It was 90' under the sea and had plenty of fish and lobsters hiding in the wreck. A few guys grabbed several lobsters on their first dive, for some reason I didn't even think of looking for them. So on the second dive, I scoured all the little caves in the wreck and saw a couple but they were out of reach. Next time I go I'll be sure to bring a spear gun as well, there were plenty of large black sea bass, tau tog, black drum, and flounder swimming around.

Overall I was a awesome day, very tiring but awesome. I didn't get back till after 10:00 pm, and slept like a rock at night. Tiffany was happy to learn that there were no sharks this time... bummer ;-)