Thursday, November 24, 2005


We spent the holiday in Richmond with Rory and Sonya and her family. It was a great relaxing weekend. The men were able to slip away and have a lot of fun riding dirt bikes, shooting guns, and golfing.

We brought our guns down and Rory's brother in law brought his guns. Among his were two old Russian rifles; a Mosin-Nagant and a SKS-45. We had 5 rifles and 2 hand guns. I picked up 40 small plates from the Goodwill store that we used as target practice. I was able to hit consecutive targets about 150~200 yards away standing with our 25-06 rifle. We were shooting for a good 3 hours. My shoulder felt like hamburger meat which is undoubtably the reason why I came in second place golfing the next day. Rory (who mostly shot pistols - not rifles!) managed to beat us all by a few strokes. I'm catching on to you Rory!!!