Saturday, January 28, 2006

Logan's 3rd Birthday

Logan celebrated his 3rd birthday this past Saturday. For months we've been telling him that we'd take him to the Build a Bear shop in the mall. It was no surprise when he chose to build a kitty cat - outfitted in a Buzz Lightyear costume no less. He had an awesome dinosaur themed birthday party, complete with a real lava spewing volcano! A very pregnant Tiffany even did a little dinosaur dance with all the kids. It was cute!

Monday, January 9, 2006

Random January Pics

Heres a group of pictures of Logan and his cousins hangin' out at one of the local zoo's near Rory and Sonya's house. All of the boys were put to task raking leaves in Rory's yard (that slave driver!). Having all of the little guys around actually makes the work tolerable, and dare I say it - fun!

This month we had our infamous aquarium incident. I came up to Logan's room where Logan and Jason were both playing to find toys, coins, marbles, and magnets in the bottom of Logan's fish tank. I started fuming and inquired as to who did it. Jason, with his shirt soaked, replied "Logan did". When I asked Logan if he really did do it he said "Yeah, I did". Logan has been known to fess up to things even when he had no part in them before. Either way, they both got punished. :)
Boys will be boys.