Monday, December 25, 2006


We spent Christmas this year in Othello, Washington. This is one of the last times Tiffany's family will have every family member there. Matt and Momo are going on missions soon and most of the other married couples have moved away. Momo made the trip up from Louisiana so we we're especially glad to see her again.

The hit gift this Christmas was the Nintendo Wii that Santa gave to me. Santa worked hard to get it, waiting in line outside of a Target store ALL NIGHT in the cold, but it was definitely worth it. We had nightly bowling tournaments that, surprisingly, Tiffany's dad seemed to enjoy the most. To everyones disbelief (especially Jim's) Logan the 3 year old beat all of us grown ups hands down every night. Go figure...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Samara Standing on my Hands

I've always wanted a child who wouldn't be too scared to do this. Logan was a chicken about it but Samara absolutely loves it! It makes it hard to hold her because she squeals and squirms as soon as I start.