Monday, May 28, 2007

The New Website

I've decided to move our website here after hosting it on our home server for many years. I've also committed myself to posting more frequently now that we've settled down in our new place. We'll see how that goes!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Crazy Kids

Samara and Logan play together so well it's incredible. Our living room is pretty much a jungle gym and even though they're couped up at home almost all day they never get sick of it. Logan decided to dress up in the craziest stuff he could find around the house and act like a pirate. They both crack me up.

The Fleet

I've really gotten into remote control airplanes the past couple of years. You no longer have to fiddle with big, heavy, smelly, messy, gas powered planes. Electric powered airplanes are super popular now and have really changed the hobby (I could never fly a loud gas powered plane around our neighborhood, the neighbors would shoot me.) Mom and Dad have THE perfect house for flying. A wide open field across the street with a closed road that doubles as our own private runway. You couldn't ask for anything more. I've got so many plane pictures and videos I may have to start a separate blog just for them.

This is a video of my first flight with my new Twinstar airplane. If you check out my profile on Youtube you can see several other plane videos.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fishing on the Chesapeake

We went fishing again with our good friend Rich on his newly purchased boat (It was owned by Capt. John previously.) My uncle Steve has been in town for several weeks for work and came out with us along with some other ward friends. Some highlights of the trip were dad managing to fall asleep on the upper deck with his head dangling in the air, dad catching the smallest fish (its hard to live that down), and Boyd cutting off the fish heads with a Sawzall (somebody wanted to sell them to some Asians). Some of the pics are gruesome and I didn't dare post the worst pics.