Monday, July 21, 2008

Samara's Odd Appetite

Samara has been getting into the fridge a lot lately. We used to have a child lock on the fridge door but then Logan once forgot it was locked and yanked on the door handle anyways, ripping the handle clean off the fridge. We still haven't fixed it but perhaps now would be a good time!

Ninety percent of the time Samara opens the fridge to pull out her favorite colon-blocking snack, string cheese. Recently though, while we're not looking, she has been pulling out horrible food concoctions and helping herself. Twice now we've caught her with opened sour cream in one hand, spoon in other, and a face smeared with the stuff.

I next caught her with mustard, Cheez-Its, and cream cheese. She had opened the mustard, squirted some into a bowl, and began to dip the Cheeze-Its into the mustard and eat them. Who knows what she did with the cream cheese. Her yellow smile beamed with pride.

She keeps pulling out the lime juice and opening it but won't quite drink it. For once I actually encouraged her (while I grabbed the camera), but after she put her lips on the bottle she thought otherwise.

Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th 2008

We had an awesome Fourth of July. We started off the day hanging out with friends grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, then we headed to the Mall in D.C. to watch the great fireworks show. We got rained on quite a bit walking to our spot but once we got there we were able to cover up and stay warm and dry with some blankets and tarps.

I was probably 13 the last time I watched the fireworks in D.C. All I remember from back then were the fireworks, the crowd, and the crowd. It was pretty much the same this year (although the rain may have kept a few people away). After the fireworks show it took us about three hours to get home. One and a half hours of that was spent just getting to a metro train, another hour was spent riding the metro about seven stops, and then a half hour for the ride home. The trip back home certainly frustrated us, but overall it was absolutely worth it.