Thursday, September 11, 2008

You may only have one child when you get home...

That was the subject line of an email I received from Tiffany while I was at work.  This is a little insight to what Tiffany has to deal with everyday. The rest of the email follows.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!   I just tried to call you and you didn't answer.  I'm pissed!!!!!  I swear as soon as I leave the room the child tries to find something bad to get into.  I turned on Cinderella for her and ran upstairs to take a shower.  I took the fastest shower ever because I know how she is now.  As soon as I turned off the water in the shower I could hear water running downstairs in the kitchen sink.  I quickly got out and yelled down the stairs for her to turn it off and come see me.  She came up and her clothes were soaking wet and had red spots all over them.  Her face and hands were both stained red too.  I thought, "what the heck is that?"  I took her into the bathroom and stripped her down and washed her face and hands with a wash cloth.  And I smelled raspberries!  I ran downstairs and our kitchen counters, sink, and oven were covered in red Crystal Light!!  She had dumped out three packets on the pizza pans which have holes in the bottom of them, so that means red all over the oven top.  And the little demon tried to clean it up by herself.  So she added water to it which made it ever worse!  I screamed, spanked her butt, and threw her on the couch.  She was crying of course and every time I looked at her she would cringe like I was going to hit her again.  It took me 45 minutes to clean that up!!  All of our dish rags might be stained red.  They're in the washing machine so we'll see later.  At least our stove is cleaner than you've seen it in a while.  Go ahead.  Laugh it up!  I have to get out of this house, so I'm going to Walmart to pick up those pictures of Reese I printed on Monday.  Pissed I tell you, Pissed!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Samara the Chatter Bug

Samara is becoming more and more chatty, particularly with beloved grandparents on the phone. Along with her increased vocabulary she has greatly expanded her facial expression repertoire. She has already learned to put on the cute face as a way of getting out of trouble (which happens on a daily basis). Here she's chattin' it up with Grandpa.

Shake It!

These dancing videos may become a regular feature of our blog.

Logan's First Day of School

Logan LOVES school! He has been looking forward to starting kindergarten for months. It's hard to believe but our little five year old wakes up every morning, grabs a packed lunch, hops on then off a bus seven hours later, and does homework assignments every night. The whole idea of letting him go to complete strangers for hours on end is a little daunting as young parents, but at the same time it's incredible how at ease Logan is with it all. If fact, the only issue we had with him starting school is Samara.

She HATES Logan's school! While Logan didn't even look at us as we waved bye to him in his classroom, Samara started to freak out! She was inconsolable on the way back to the car. You can see her trying to escape being bound into her car seat for the ride home in the pictures. Anticipating this, we had a wrapped gift for her when she got home to calm her down. Since it was a special day for Logan we had a little party and gift for him as well when he arrived home that first day.

Even though he couldn't remember names, Logan made friends with several of his classmates the first day. He loves his teacher and loves riding the bus to and from school. And for the time being, he still loves school... hopefully that while last a while.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Tiffany braved the hot summer heat and took the kids to the Renaissance Festival in Maryland on Labor Day while I was at work. She's pretty sure that wasn't a good idea. While it was a lot of fun, it was also a lot of walking and a lot of carrying Samara, who did not want to be held by anyone else (my parents and brother Rory with his family were there.)

The kids of course had a blast. Logan attempted a rock climbing wall, slid down the giant carpet slide, and tried a cool "Jacob's Ladder". Of course Samara rode a pony and had a great time playing in the dirt. All the usual events were there: the jousting event, a bagpipe performance and a magic show.

They all literally came home dirt tired.