Sunday, November 16, 2008

Samara the Cheater

The last time I played Monopoly with Tiffany was about 5 years ago. Back then I was naive to my wife's scandalous ways. But through Monopoly I learned very quickly that my wife does NOT like to lose and will do anything to prevent from doing so, including cheating. I made a vow 5 years ago to never play Monopoly with the cheater again and I've resisted her temptations ever since.

This video demonstrates how easily the "I'lldoanythingtowin" gene gets passed down from generation to generation and how early it expresses itself.

*As a side note, I realize how many videos I've posted of Samara recently instead of Gavin. Part of that has to do with me taking two weeks off of work and having the camera around all the time. The other part of it is that fact that Samara is in that hilarious "terrible twos" phase, which lends itself to great blog posts. Notice near the end of the video when she finally realizes she is being videotaped and how she instantly puts on her cheesy "I'm an angel" smile. She cracks me up!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jealous Samara 3

Here's another video from the hospital of jealous Samara. This time we tried bribing her with chocolate cake to get her to kiss Gavin. You can probably guess the results. 

We've been home from the hospital for a few days and Samara has since embraced her motherly side and now loves to kiss Gavin and carry around her baby dolls. I'll try to get that on video next.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We've moved

Just a quick note. We moved to a new address but never sent out the mass email spam announcing it. So if you ever plan on mailing us anything, call or email us and we'll give you our new address.

Baby Gavin

After nine long months, Gavin finally made his appearance today. He is a healthy 8 pounds 14 ounce, 21" tall boy with a head of short dark hair. He made his presence known right away by spraying himself and his clean bedding with you know what right after they took him out of the warm womb. Unfortunately he inherited my large nose instead of Tiffany's cute little button nose, but being the third child and having to stick up for himself will help him get over that I'm sure!

Logan is old enough that he understands what an important day today is, and being the super helper he is, he couldn't wait to hold Gavin. Samara on the other hand has been saying, "No, no baby!" for the past couple months. She definitely felt a little uneasy at first in the hospital when they wheeled Gavin in. The moment I held Gavin, she came to my side and hugged my arm as if to say "My daddy!". To be fair, she had just woken up from a nap and is usually cranky no matter what the situation. Later on tonight as I was putting the kids to bed she was really excited when I mentioned we'd be bringing Gavin home soon. Hopefully the jealousy won't last too long, but we sure were quick to capture it on video while it was here!