Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dash for Dad 10k Race

I ran the Dash for Dad 10k race this weekend. It's a race to raise money for prostate cancer research that I heard about a couple of weeks ago and decided to run. I started out too fast and sort of petered out at the end, but I finished in 48:43 which isn't half bad. It was the first real race I've ran since high school. I think I want to do more!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nationals Game

Our friend Bruce invited Logan and me to go to a Nationals game with him and his son. We had spectacular seats in the second section behind home plate. The tickets came with $35 spending money built into them, so I let Logan loose and he got pretty much whatever he wanted. It was funny watching him try to carry both his giant popcorn and cotton candy while shoving the popcorn in his mouth. After the game they had a fireworks show set to Michael Jackson music which the kids loved. As expected the Nationals lost the game but it was the best baseball experience I've ever had.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jason's Baptism

We went down to Richmond this weekend to see Jason's Baptism. Establishing a new tradition, Rory cooked some more delicious BBQ in the smoker; this time pork shoulder slow cooked for about 12 hours. The baptism was awesome and the kids had a great time playing together again. I wanted to go running with Rory while I was down there, but little did I know he was following a training regement and was supposed to run 10 miles that day. My longest run was 8 miles the week prior, so I bucked up and along with our father we all ran 10 miles.

All the kids love bouncing on the trampoline, but Samara thought she was the queen of the trampoline. Any time she fell down (which was quite often) she expected everyone else to stop bouncing so she could get up. When they wouldn't she'd have one of her mini nuclear meltdowns. She wore the other kids' patience very thin.