Saturday, August 28, 2010

Camping at Burke Lake Part 2

We liked camping at Burke Lake last month so much that we already went back, but this time we stayed two nights instead of one. Taking down your tent after just one night of camping just doesn't seem right. As if three days in the woods wasn't enough, Logan and Samara say they want to go camping next time for a week!

Each time we go camping we acquire more and more gear. This time the kids all got head lamps to wear in the dark which they absolutely loved. Logan and I did a lot of fishing again and even rented a row boat for several hours as well. We never did catch anything while on the boat but I did catch a nice blue gill while on the shore so at least we didn't get skunked.

Gavin is the perfect camping baby. Both nights he would tell us he wanted to go to sleep by walking over to the tent saying "Night Night". The kid loves to sleep which is more than any parent could ever ask for.

We encountered a few mosquitoes this time and I got bit on the back of the leg by what I think was a spider. I'll spare you the details but it took a week for the bite to heal. As we were taking down our tents I found a legless lizard underneath our friend's tarp. For an animal geek life myself that was pretty cool. We also had a cicada killer hornet buzz our heads one night as we were playing cards. Tiffany and Samara were sitting next to each other and it landed right in Samara's hair. Always the protective mama bear, Tiffany shewed it away right? Hah! She freaked out and pushed Samara away as fast as she could! If you don't know what a cicada killer is, imagine a Godzilla sized yellow jacket on steroids. Google Image search "Cicada Killer" and look at the first two images. They're huge but generally harmless.

The kids haven't yet asked to go camping again. But maybe we'll make it a third time this year before it gets too cold.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fenwick Island State Park

Along with planning a family camp out this summer, we were also determined to get to the beach. We headed to Fenwick Island State Park in Delaware for a quick day trip with my parents, my Brother Mike and his wife Tara. Unfortunately the day started off poorly. Tiffany and I had planned on leaving the house at 8am, but that all went awry when we both overslept and Logan came to wake us up saying, "Ummm Dad, it's already 8 o'clock..."

We eventually made it to the park around noon, but discovered that Fenwick Island State Park has a very small parking lot that fills up quickly. We had to wait in line in our car until other cars left and a parking space became available. My parents got there early enough to avoid this debacle, so we unloaded the kids from the van and they and Tiffany walked to the beach to meet my folks while I waited in the van for a parking spot to open up. It took about an hour, but I finally got the car parked and joined them at the beach.

Tiffany and I make a great beach pair. Normal couples might have a hard time deciding who is going to stay on the beach to watch the kids. But Tiffany doesn't like getting in the water, so she is more than willingly to play in the sand with the kids. I'm basically part fish, so I greatly appreciate her watching the kids while I splash around in the ocean.

My brother and I both brought our masks and snorkels to try and scour the ocean floor for shells or wild life. Underwater visibility was only as far as our arms and there wasn't much on the sea floor. I caught one crab and a nice little shell which I stuck in my pocket and brought back to the beach. Back at the beach I handed the shell to Tiffany only to hear her scream a few seconds later. Out from the shell came crawling a little hermit crab. We had a good time checking out the little guy before I put him back in the water.

All of our kids loved getting in the water. Poor little Logan wanted to be in the water all the time, but it kept stealing away the body heat from his small frame. We'd send him back to the beach just so he would stop shivering. Cold or not though, he loved floating around and trying to body surf. Samara and Gavin both came out with me and had a good time until a larger than usual wave would get them completely soaked. They'd spend a while in the sand drying off before being ready to come back in the water.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

O.A.R. Concert

I was never a huge fan of OAR but I had heard they are a great live band and that they were local boys that grew up in Rockville Maryland. So I bought some tickets, convinced Tiffany to come with me, and off we went. They sure lived up to the hype and I can see now why OAR fans are such loyal fans. What is really impressive though is how much they won Tiffany over. She loves whenever I play their music at home now. Tiffany and I had a lot of fun dancing and singing, we'll have to do this again!

(btw- I was singing at the top of my lungs in this video and you can't even begin to hear me. It was a very loud crowd)